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2007 Resident Survey Results

Dear Neighbor,Pittsford Speaks

In January, you received a survey regarding the major services the Town of Pittsford delivers. The phenomenal rate of return of nearly 23% demonstrates the great pride Pittsford residents have in their community. Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey.

We are truly pleased with the generally high level of satisfaction expressed in the survey. The information you provided helps us better understand the needs and expectations of the community. We have identified seven areas that Pittsford residents spoke about as opportunities for improvement:

1. Property taxes
2. Increased accessibility
3. Library collection
4. Community Center
5. Recreation programs
6. Town trail system
7. Communication of our Strategic Plan

We will utilize resident input to improve the delivery of specific programs and services by conducting a careful analysis of the thousands of written comments we received from you. Additionally, this fall, we will meet with the 255 residents who expressed a willingness to participate in community forums.

If you are interested, a detailed report of the survey results can be found on the town’s website at Copies of the report are also available for review at Town Hall and the Library.

Our commitment and work does not end with this survey. We highly value your questions and input. We invite you to share your ideas and suggestions with any one of us or members of our staff. Our quest for continuous improvement never ends.


Bill Carpenter, Supervisor
Sandy Zutes, Deputy Supervisor
John Higgins Jr., Councilperson
Karen Green, Councilperson
John Bernacki Jr., Councilperson