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Paul Malone Spiegel

Introduction for 10/27/98 Historic Pittsford Meeting.

I am proud to introduce our speaker of the evening who really needs no introduction unless one has lived in the Greater Monroe Community less than five years. Paul was the town supervisor from 1966-1987, the person who held this post the most number of years.

Paul was born and grew up in the house on North Main street right at the Four Corners. His grandfather owned a wagon shop on that site. He attended the Pittsford School from 1th grade through the 12th and then went on to the U of R, as did many of our local sons and daughters. He played sports in his academic career – we have pictures to prove that.

During World War Two, Paul proudly served his country and earned six silver stars. The most amazing thing to me today is that Paul can still wear his uniform and looks very dapper when he marches in the Memorial Day parades!

Paul taught school for a short time in the village of Hilton. I know one person, now living here in Pittsford, who was one of Mr. Spiegel's students. After teaching those noisy students for a year, Paul decided that the insurance business was a calmer and saner life and he remained in that vocation until he chose politics. He served as a trustee on the Town Board and was elected as supervisor to replace Ross Zornow in 1966.

Paul has been retired for over 10 years but I would be willing to wager, he has not stopped being just as active as he was when supervising the town. I am sure many of you have seen him and his border collie, Susie, on their daily walks. Paul is the one carrying the pooper scooper and bag. I wish everyone would follow his example. His daily visits to the Rochester Public library have ceased but now his goal is to bring together his research into a book which could be completed within a year! I enjoy reading and delighting in the tidbits he has gleaned from the newspapers.

Tonight Paul will illustrate samples of the 1000's of pages of research he has completed. I'm looking forward to his presentation and I am happy to present to you my friend, Paul M. Spiegel.