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Dog licensing - help keep your pet safe!

Two bulldogs with dog license form

For your dog’s safety and by New York State law, dogs are required to be licensed at the age of four months and to wear their municipal dog license tag.  A license tag helps identify an owner and can even provide contact information that can be given to your dog’s veterinarian should your dog get lost and need medical care. Dog licenses are required to gain access to Monroe County dog parks.  A license provides proof that your pet has been vaccinated against rabies and legal proof of ownership. And did you know that license fees support Animal Services programs and operations, including returning lost pets to their homes, providing care for animals at the shelter, pet adoption, and community outreach?

Getting your dog licensed or renewing a dog license is easy – just ask Jax, who brought his little brother Sully in to Town Hall to register for his first license! For complete information about licensing your dog, visit