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Leaf Collection Tips

During Leaf Collection season, Town crews will be in your neighborhood approximately every three weeks to remove loose leaf piles at the edge of roadways. To see where our leaf collection crews are working, please click HERE to use our real-time Leaf Collection application. It will tell you when crews will be in your neighborhood.

While leaf collection will be a priority during this season, Town crews will to pick up yard debris (no set schedule) if it is placed in a bag or reusable container and separated from your leaf piles. We ask that you keep leaves and yard debris separate, as yard debris can damage our leaf vacuum or injury to a crew member.

To help us remove your leaves as quickly as possible, please:

  • Place loose leaf piles at the edge of the road but not in it. Leaves in the road can become a traffic hazard, especially in windy or rainy weather, and can clog storm water drains and drainage areas, causing flooding.
  • Separate all sticks, brush, yard clippings and other debris into reusable containers or paper bags. This allows recycling of all materials and helps avoid damage to our leaf vacuum or injury to our crew members.
  • During this time, sticks, brush and other debris must be placed in bags or containers in order for Town crews to collect it. This is because in the fall our trucks that pick up lose debris in spring and summer are being used for leaf collection. Crews will pick up brush, branches and yard debris (no set schedule) but please remember it must be in bags or containers.
  • Don’t pile leaves around fire hydrants. Covering hydrants can prevent firefighters from finding them when every second counts. Hidden hydrants are also dangerous for those picking up the leaves as they may be struck, causing injury to crew members or damage to equipment.
  • It is important to keep leaves and yard debris separated, as yard debris can damage our leaf vacuum or cause injury to crew staff.

For more information on our Leaf Collection and Yard Debris programs click HERE.