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History of the Historic Preservation Commission

The new commission, which had been created by the Pittsford Town Board, gathered in the conference room of the Town Hall on February 20, 1990. Town Board member, John Berggren called the meeting to order and the newly appointed members took the oath of office and signed the book. Hence was created the Historic Preservation Commission.

A New York State Ordinance was distributed and each member was asked to read it carefully before the next meeting.

Jean France, a member of the Perinton Historic Commission and acting as a consultant to our newly formed group, reminded us that it was not the Commission's role to forbid change but to monitor it and control it; that not to change is to stagnate and perhaps die; that the owner of the property wants to maximize his dollar and has the right to do so, but so does the community have the right to monitor what happens to it; the Commission must keep a balance.

Using Department of Interior standards and a grant from the Monroe County Community Development Administration, a contractual arrangement was made with Bero Associates to conduct a survey of approximately 126 structures that are of historic importance to the town. This survey began on January 16, 1991 and was completed on July 17, 1991. Properties were inventoried and rated ranging from highest (A+) to lowest (Y).

Using this survey commission members have carefully studied, interviewed owners of the inventoried properties, and have investigated the histories of potential historic landmarks. To this date they have designated a total of 60 landmarks including one historic district. Most of these designations have been made with the owner's consent

In 2012, the Historic Preservation Commission was combined with the Town's Design Review Board to create the Design Review and Historic Preservation Board (DRHPB). The board meets every second and fourth Thursday evening at 7 PM in the lower level of the Town Hall. Meetings are open to the public; we invite any interested party to attend.