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Geographic Information

Department Services

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer based mapping system for viewing and analyzing data from a geographic perspective. GIS manages information as a collection of layers that can be integrated by location to be displayed, queried or analyzed to answer questions or examine relationships. The Town of Pittsford utilizes GIS as an efficient resource in support of planning and decision making to enhance the vitality of the community.

The Town of Pittsford first formally recognized the advantages of operating a Geographic Information System in the 1997 Executive Summary and Recommendations report by the Town of Pittsford Technology Committee.

The Town’s GIS initiative began in 1999 with the creation of a GIS Department as a division of Information Technology Services.

As part of Information Technology Services, the GIS Department primarily focused on hardware and software acquisition and fundamental data development.

In the fall of 2008, the GIS Department became part of the Department of Public Works in recognition of its usefulness in asset and resource management. The GIS Department is a valuable resource in support of the Public Works Department's commitment to delivering services to the residents of Pittsford in an efficient and timely fashion. In addition to serving the needs of the Town, the GIS Department is committed to fostering collaboration with community partners including the Village of Pittsford, the Pittsford Central School District, and the Pittsford Fire District.