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Marriage License Information

Please call the Town Clerk's Office for further information about how to obtain your marriage license.
**Appointment is Required**

Obtaining a Certified Copy of your Marriage License:

Please contact the Town Clerks Office at (585) 248-6211 or by email at that time we will confirm that we have your license on file in the Town of Pittsford and will provide you with any additional information required.

General Marriage License Information:

In order to be married in New York State, it is necessary to obtain a marriage license. Marriage Licenses may be obtained in any town or city clerk’s office in New York State - it is not necessary to obtain the license in the municipality in which the applicants are being married. A marriage license needs to be obtained a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the ceremony and is valid for 60 days. Both applicants must apply in person. The Pittsford Town Clerk’s office has no authority to advise regarding the eligibility or requirements needed for an individual to be a Marriage Officiant.

Please note that applicants should be prepared to indicate their choice of surname (last name) when applying for a marriage license.

Please Call Ahead for Appointment

Monday - Friday for Marriage Licenses only by appointment:

Fee: $40.00

Original Documents Needed

Documents needed to apply for and obtain a marriage license in the Town of Pittsford
(Proof of Age and Identity is required):

Both applicants must establish proof of age and identity by submitting the following to the Town Clerk:

A.  One of the following original age-related documents:

  1. Original Raised Seal or Certified Birth Certificates are required, and full names of applicant’s parent(s) need to be indicated. Birth registration forms are not acceptable. If your birth certificate is not in English, please contact the Town Clerk’s office for further information.
  2. Baptismal Record
  3. Naturalization record

B.  One of the following original identity-related documents:

  1. Driver’s License
  2. Non-driver’s License
  3. Passport
  4. Employer’s Photo ID

C.  Where applicable, all original divorce papers/annulment papers and/or certified death certificates.

Note: If applicants are under the age of 18, further documentation is needed. Please call the Town Clerk’s office at (585) 248-6211 for information.