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19th Amendment Centennial

19th Amendment

Pittsford Celebrates the 19th Amendment Centennial!

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The year 2020 marked the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment's ratification, which gave women in America the right to vote. In 2020, Pittsford honored this important milestone and celebrated our history of supporting the women's suffrage movement by holding walking tours, voter engagement tables and a fireworks display - all following appropriate COVID-19 health safety and physical distancing guidelines.  We created this website then as well to provide a lasting resource about the women suffrage movement in Pittsford and to honor those Pittsford women who led and supported this notable and essential cause. 

Our self-guided walking tour features the people and places in Pittsford important to advancing women's voting rights. The Town also created a self-guided cemetery tour of the Pittsford Political Equality Club charter members' gravesites at Pittsford Cemetery. Tour information can be found via the links in the left column of this webpage.

We hope you will join us in celebration of the 19th Amendment and perhaps learn something new about women's suffrage in Pittsford!