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CCA Administrator selected, next step for lower-cost 100% clean electricity

August 29, 2019

In early 2017, when the Town started planning to qualify for State designation as a Clean Energy Community, the Town Administration, and Town Board at the time, first considered Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) as one of the steps to obtain Clean Energy Community designation.  Recognizing the length of time a CCA program would take, and wanting to become eligible for grants the State offered to early adopters of the Clean Energy Community program, the Supervisor, and Board at the time, determined to pursue a CCA program after we had earned Clean Energy Community status.  The State awarded us that status in October 2017. 
Then it was on to CCA as a next step as planned, to obtain lower-cost electricity for Pittsford residents from renewable sources. 
Town Supervisor Bill Smith conferred with neighboring municipal leaders who shared Pittsford’s interest in CCA.  The group agreed to work together on a joint program.  With a larger customer pool, economies of scale can deliver greater cost savings to our residents than going it alone.
Now, both the Town and Village of Pittsford, Brighton and Irondequoit have agreed on selection of an administrator for the CCA program.  If the administrator obtains, as it promises, a bid for electricity at a lower cost than residents currently pay to RG&E, Pittsford will proceed with a CCA program – representing the next step in our Town’s long tradition of pursuing environmentally responsible policies that benefit our residents and save them money.
Read the full 8/29/19 joint news release here.  Visit the Town's CCA web page here.